Royal Arbat

In essence, it is a one-page site that contains all the necessary information about the club. The opportunity to choose the appropriate language (Russian or English) is immediately presented.

Then I used animation and dynamic illustration in the background, which immediately makes it clear the theme of the site and conveys the desired atmosphere, especially in tandem with the color scheme. Darkness and radiance is definitely about the club. I can notice that animation and video in this case do not slow down the loading, because the optimal ways of interaction between front-and back-end development are involved.

In both the mobile and PC versions, it will be convenient for the user to familiarize himself with all the information in sequence, or open a menu with an overlay effect on the main page, and then select any desired section. Since all the information is located on one page, this eliminates unnecessary actions and loading many pages. And if a visitor wants to reserve a place or go to the club’s social networks, he will not need to scroll to the beginning or the end of the page, because I have fixed contrast buttons of a suitable size at the bottom.

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